Preston Pump Station


  • Baulderstone
  • Melbourne Water
The Preston Pumping Station contract follows various successful projects undertaken by Kubale Constructions for the Water Resources Alliance. As our fourth contract with this client, this project represents the trust that the Alliance partners had in our relevant expertise and ability to get the job done.

This project involved very complex subterranean structural concrete works requiring over 500 tonnes of concrete and a vast quantity of reinforcement, much assembled on site. Our staff contributed to the design of the formwork and the mix of the concrete poured in recognition of our experience in complex slab work.

Included in the construction schedule was a mains pressure reducing valve pit and an industrial acoustic ceiling built from DuraPanel. These large panels were built on the ground and craned into position forming a seamless sound dampening barrier.

This was a complex project involving night works and difficult traffic management given the location on High Street Preston. This project was successfully completed on time and within budget in December 2009.


  • Preston, Victoria


  • SKM


  • $600k


  • Completed Dec 2009