Rokeby Pump Station


  • Gippsland Water
Situated adjacent the Tarago River in Gippsland, the Rokeby Pump Station was part of a major upgrade program for the processing of water from the Tarago Reservoir in Victoria. Kubale Constructions was contracted to build the new plant room to house pumps and other monitoring equipment.

This was our first job for Gippsland Water which assisted us in winning further contracts. Works included a significant industrial concrete slab, mains by-pass valve pit, structural steelwork and a Bondek roof. The fit-out included the installation of several water pumps, a monorail, electrical controls and switchboards along with stainless steel pipe work, a rising main construction and the installation of flow meters.  All the associated civil work and asphalt paving was included.

The schedule required a great deal of coordination with the authorities to facilitate live tap-ins to the Pederson and Tarago Water mains which supply the local region and the Mornington Peninsula with drinking water.


  • Rokebey, Victoria


  • EDR


  • $1.2m


  • Completed December 2010