Wonthaggi Desalination Plant Gutters


  • Theiss

In a departure from traditional on-site construction, Kubale Constructions was awarded the contract for the manufacture of large guttering modules for the roof at the Wonthaggi Desalination Plant. Rather than constructing them in-situ, our large storage warehouse was fitted with custom designed jigging and equipment to handle the job in-house.

The production schedule demanded by the principle contractor (Theiss) fluctuated and was typically very aggressive. It was necessary that we produce the modules in-step with the building schedule of the plant at Wonthaggi; delays were not accepted.

Simply handling the modules safely was difficult because each 8 metre steel section weighed over 500kg. Works included lining the modules with copper treated ply followed by a seam welded PVC membrane (technique new to AU). Performing this job indoors provided protection from the weather, enabled proper lighting and gave us a controlled workspace. We were required to learn new techniques and develop our own production methodology to maintain quality and increase production output as demanded.
Over time, we contributed to improvements in the module design which Theiss embraced. We hit every deadline imposed by this aggressive schedule while maintaining excellent quality in workmanship.

Some of the images provided are aerial or taken from a distance which shows the location of the gutters within the context of the entire building. Kubale Constructions’ work was limited to the construction of the guttering modules.




  • In-house


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  • $300k


  • Completed Aug 2011