Duncan Residence


  • Private

This architecturally designed single residence was built on a site previously left undeveloped because of the considerable terrain and drainage challenges on site. Kubale Constructions developed plans to manage and eventually utilize the natural spring on site with careful sub-terranean and landscaping works.


Construction then began on a two level expansive luxury home encompassing the architect's years of experience in environmentally sensitive design principles. In particular, the home balances thermal mass, insulation, sunlight and shadows to reduce the need for additional heating and cooling. The home incorporates a host of natural and contrasting finishes that required exceptional attention to detail and workmanship from the construction staff.


The upper story includes a polished hydronically heated concrete floor which is cantilevered over the partially underground garage entrance. The structural steel works and planning involved were relatively complex for a residential building and required excellent planning and execution.


Works then extended to landscaping, a sculptured driveway and a live waterway through the grounds.


Construction of the building is now largely done with some remaining landscaping left to complete in Summer 2012.



  • Warragul, Victoria


  • Maxa Design


  • $500k


  • In Progress