Terms and Conditions

Kubale Constructions provides approved contractors and suppliers access to tender and job information through our web portal called Data Centre.

Use of this service is voluntary and is not a requirement of becoming a contractor or supplier to our company.

Traditional methods of communicating tender and job information are still available and may be requested at any time. Data Centre does not replace, but supplements and expedites the process of tendering and sharing information between Kubale Constructions and our contractors and suppliers. Data Centre does not replace the interpersonal relationships and communications between Kubale Constructions and our contractors and suppliers.

The information provided in Data Centre is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time it is uploaded. Updates, corrections and addenda will be provided as they become available and may be provided in ways other than through Data Centre. Always ensure you have the latest information when tendering and performing works on jobs for Kubale Constructions.

Kubale Constructions cannot be held liable for errors made in tender submissions where the tender was prepared from incomplete or out-of-date information. It is the responsibility of the contractor or supplier to ensure they have the latest information at the time their tender is submitted.

Your request for access and continued use of this free service acknowledges that you accept the Terms and Conditions described above.